Grant Gregus · June 22, 2021

Trusting the process

At SocraTeach, we understand that the most important metric of success for the ed-tech industry is not revenue or profit. The most important metrics are ones that quantify learning outcomes in a standardized, consistent way. By widening students’ access to reliable help, we provide a way for students living in under-resourced and under-invested communities to

Grant Gregus · May 19, 2021

Why Online Tutoring is More Effective than in Person

Online tutoring has significantly evolved over the past 10-15 years. From people-driven forums like StackOverflow to AI-powered Q+A solutions like Chegg and CourseHero, online tutoring has taken many different forms attempting to meet the niche needs of students all over the world. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a massive influx in users for online

Grant Gregus · April 22, 2021

What Is SocraTeach and how does it compare to other tutoring apps?

SocraTeach is an iOS mobile tutoring application meant to solve the age-old problem of expensive, ineffective and time-consuming tutoring from self-proclaimed “certified” tutoring services. The app utilizes the fact that we do not have time to spend hours each week meeting with certified tutors. Instead, with SocraTeach’s peer-to-peer concept and easy-to-use dating-app style interface, you

Grant Gregus · April 22, 2021

What is peer-to-peer tutoring and how does it work?

For ages students have turned to certified tutors to get the academic help they need. We’ve relied on professional teachers or those who have studied specific subjects at a specialized level to help with our academic needs. The good news is that education is an ever-changing industry. We no longer need to rely on professionals