Grant Gregus · April 22, 2021

What Is SocraTeach and how does it compare to other tutoring apps?

SocraTeach is an iOS mobile tutoring application meant to solve the age-old problem of expensive, ineffective and time-consuming tutoring from self-proclaimed “certified” tutoring services. The app utilizes the fact that we do not have time to spend hours each week meeting with certified tutors. Instead, with SocraTeach’s peer-to-peer concept and easy-to-use dating-app style interface, you can quickly and seamlessly receive live help on problems or concepts you are struggling with.

What we offer

SocraTeach is the easiest and most accessible way to receive help with anything (academic or non-academic) that you may be struggling with. This includes specific problems, concepts, and even general questions or misconceptions. The app enables you to quickly connect with peers who are confident, willing, and able to help on the specific content you may be struggling with.

The technology mimics that of dating apps and allows tutors to swipe through posts until they find a problem they can solve or a misconception they can address, and as a result, student they can help. By swiping right on a post, tutors send an offer to help the student. If you (the student) accept the offer, both you and the tutor can enter into a scheduled and live problem-solving session enabled by chat, audio, and video. The additional video capability provides a medium by which the tutor can visually explain a concept or walk through a complicated solution to a problem.

SocraTeach provides a very easy way to post any type of problem or question you may need help with. Simply snap a picture of all the information a tutor may need to help you, and post it to the app. The posting process simplifies the lengthy activities students typically go through to find similar problems as examples to get the help they need.

Because SocraTeach allows all users (your “SocraTeach” peers) to discover posts as opposed to a small group of “specialized” tutors, you get maximum access to a massive pool of people who are eager to help. No more scheduling full one-hour sessions with a tutor and waiting to meet with them to get the help you need.

Unlike other peer-to-peer tutoring apps, each live problem-solving session with SocraTeach lasts between 10 and 15 minutes. The self-vetting nature of the discovery process encourages tutors (other SocraTeach users) to be prepared for the session and allows for streamlined problem-solving sessions. Additionally, with shorter sessions, tutors are incentivized to target the specific issue the student is facing.

Our cost

Our goal is to make learning accessible to everyone – even those on a budget. With traditional tutors or even other tutoring apps, help can cost up to $50 an hour. This can mean spending upwards of $2,000 per year just on tutoring, assuming weekly sessions for ~40 weeks per year.

By utilizing a peer-to-peer concept and short, live problem-solving sessions, SocraTeach is able to maximize accessibility by expanding the pool of available tutors, lowering the cost of tutoring while offering targeted help! Each 10-minute session costs $3 or less, which equates ~$18 an hour spent on tutoring. This alone can cut your tutoring costs by about a fourth!

So, gone are the days where you have to pay a tutor for a full hour of work when you truly only need help on a couple questions. SocraTeach streamlines the help you need so that you can focus more on the things that matter to you.

Our guarantee

Central to SocraTeach is a robust rating system that allows students to be as picky as they want when it comes to getting help. All tutors are rated by the student after the live problem-solving session, and ratings stick with tutors wherever they go. When a student receives an offer, visible to them is the tutor’s overall rating and subject-specific rating. Student’s can use these ratings as a general guide for whether they should accept or decline the offer, based on their own comfort level.

At SocraTeach, we are continuously looking for ways to maximize trust in our platform. In the future, we plan on adding functionality that enables students to provide in-depth reviews of their tutor post-session, and provide testimonials for all offers sent to students. An ideal tutoring experience is founded in comfort and trust, thus our focus is emphasizing these as critical in future product enhancements.

And again, the discovery process is self-vetting! We’ve designed the application such that a tutor would likely only swipe right on a problem they can solve / misconception they can address. Because this process relies so heavily on our tutors’ understanding of the questions prior to sending an offer, we do not envision many situations where a student is connected with a tutor who is unable to help. However, we monitor session outcomes closely, and through a holistic, data-driven, and end-to-end view of the student journey, we plan to further optimize the experience for everyone on our platform.

Fund Your Own Learning

And lastly and arguably the coolest aspect of SocraTeach… get paid for teaching others and fund your own learning! At SocraTeach, we believe everyone has something to offer. While you can post problems to receive help, you can also offer to teach others with one simple flip of a toggle within the app. Do you have a strength in a specific subject or concept? Flip the toggle, filter by subject, and swipe through problems or questions. Teach the same way you were taught and earn $2 for each session you fulfill. Earnings from teaching accumulate immediately within the app and can be transferred directly to your bank account. Uber for tutoring? You betcha!

Give SocraTeach a spin for truly democratized tutoring and learning. Receive help quickly and seamlessly, and leverage your strengths to earn real money that can fund your own learning within the app (or just to buy a cup of coffee). Do it all while saving yourself time and money along the way.