Switch Between Both

Easily toggle between teaching and learning

SocraTeach is a remote, P2P learning platform that provides a medium by which students can choose to teach and learn from one another in short, live tutoring sessions. The app leverages a Tinder-like-queue of pictures, enabling students to quickly upload pictures of problems they are struggling with while teachers can swipe right on problems they know how to solve and left on problems they do not. Teachers and students are connected together in a live tutoring session within the application once they are matched giving them immediate access to help.

Teach Your Peers and Get Paid Today

How do you learn on SocraTeach?

Outside the classroom, learning is done problem-by-problem. This type of bite-sized learning is what makes SocraTeach the fastest and most efficient way to get help. All you have to do is snap a picture of your problem, upload it, and wait for help coming your way!

Who can teach? Everyone. Anyone.

Other e-learning platforms have a wealth of barriers to teaching. Many require prior experience, a college degree, a certain GPA and test scores. At SocraTeach, we believe if you know the answer, you should be empowered to teach it. Not only do you receive the personal gratification for helping someone solve their problem, you are paid $2.00 for every problem you help another user solve. All it takes is linking your bank account or debit card through Stripe!