Grant Gregus · May 19, 2021

Why Online Tutoring is More Effective than in Person

Online tutoring has significantly evolved over the past 10-15 years. From people-driven forums like StackOverflow to AI-powered Q+A solutions like Chegg and CourseHero, online tutoring has taken many different forms attempting to meet the niche needs of students all over the world. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a massive influx in users for online tutoring solutions while also revealing some of the gaps in the current offerings.

Time will tell if online tutoring is here to stay, but in this article we highlight some of the key benefits of online tutoring that make it an appealing option for students even when in-person normalcy returns to the education space.


Unlike the conventional form of in-person tutoring, online tutoring has the potential to break away from the routinely repetitive pattern of traditional tutoring. Instead, different forms of online tutoring allow students to study at their own pace and learn in their own way. This flexibility presented by online tutoring provides students with the ability to fit their learning needs seamlessly and effectively into their schedule.

In addition, not all students learn at the same pace and through digital mediums and innovative technologies, complementary options have been sprouting up to address the busy schedules of students while maintaining high levels of engagement throughout the learning process.

Ultimately, online tutoring enables students to manage their time more flexibly while also learning in a way that is most effective for them.


Commuting is painful. As students, we’ve all been in the situation of having to rush to a 6pm tutoring session in the thick of winter or in pouring rain. By the time you’ve reached your destination, your bag is wet and notebooks are drenched. It’s not fun, can take a lot of time, and is absolutely draining.

Online tutoring presents the option to learn from the comfort of your own home, from your desk or snuggled up in bed. In addition, online tutoring has evolved so much so to the point where learning can be done directly from the palm of your hand! Connecting with tutors or resources has never been easier with online tutoring platforms building out mobile capabilities for iOS and Android.

Though the computer is still the go-to medium to learn, mobile tutoring has plenty of potential for growth. As the lives of our students become busier and busier, it will become imperative to tailor mobile solutions for on-the-go learning.

Save Money and Time

Conventional, in-person tutoring is not cheap and there is a reason for that. Conventional tutoring franchises that hire tutors either locally or globally charge not just for the tutor’s time, but also for the utilities, resources and study space that are provided. Peer tutoring has emerged as cost-effective substitute to tutoring through a traditional franchise; however, it still suffers from the inability for students to connect with their peers outside of the in-person setting.

Online tutoring solutions vastly increase accessibility to resources, and most of these resources end up being software based solutions that do not require high levels of maintenance or constant checkups. Thus, when you opt for online tutoring you are paying for a suite of solutions beyond just connecting with a tutor through a traditional medium. And with SocraTeach, you are getting maximum access to potential tutors which significantly reduces the cost of tutoring.


Nowadays, all that is required to connect with a tutor or any learning resources online is an internet connection and device, either computer or smartphone. With fewer requirements, students all over the world can get access to online tutoring solutions and help they previously thought was never accessible. Additionally, greater accessibility brings with it other positive factors for learning such as wider pool of available resources and thus lower costs.

Note: There are still an estimated 30M people in the United States that do not have adequate internet connection, and this is a problem we as a country need to prioritize. Internet access is no longer a privilege, but an absolute necessity to survive in this digital world. As online learning becomes more prevalent, it will be imperative that we equip all students with the necessary resources to take advantage of innovative learning technologies.

Technological Prowess

Technology is changing the way we learn, and it is all happening so quickly. Digital learning is becoming more interactive and artificial intelligence is at the driver’s seat for creating seamless and easy to use solutions for grasping concepts, getting misconceptions addressed, and even just staying focused. As more players enter the space of digital learning, competition will heat up leading to truly novel ways of consuming and processing information.

In this way, traditional tutoring is quite outdated. Going forward, what we define as a “traditional” tutoring session may not be a college-ruled notebook with a pencil and large eraser standing by. Rather it may be a purely online forum in which groups of students are connecting in real-time to help each other on specific concepts, with tools like digital whiteboards and augmented interfaces.

To Conclude

As technology continues to disrupt the education space, it will be vital to get these resources into the hands of the students who need it most. Education is a right, not a privilege, and as world citizens it is our prerogative to ensure each and every individual has access to the resources to most effectively drive positive learning outcomes. We hope you join us on this journey.