Tutoring for the Modern World

Socrates was one of the greatest thinkers of the ancient world, and his teachings and discussions in the open-air markets of Athens were open to any curious passerby. Our platform reinvigorates this free-flowing stream of ideas by enabling you to teach and learn – regardless of background, qualifications, or experience. You join as a Sophist, and from there you can teach and learn whenever you’d like. As a learner, you get stuck on a problem, upload a picture of it, and you’re matched with a teacher who can help.

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No Experience Necessary

When it comes to tutoring, we often assume the more accomplished individuals are the most capable of teaching, but the best teachers are often not at the top of the field. In the Agoras of Ancient Athens, where thinkers, politicians, traders, and regular Greek citizens would join to learn together, the idea was that everyone would contribute something.

Each person had something of value to contribute. Teaching is fun – we want to give you a chance to do it.

21st Century Sophists

The Sophists of Ancient Greece were among the most respected individuals in society. As a Sophist on our platform, you can teach and learn at any time. Teachers and students are matched, and with an audio connection and a shared writing space, the instruction begins.

Once you’re connected with a student, you’ll see the problem on the screen and speak with the student through the parts he or she is struggling with. Each session will have a timer at the top counting down, so you’ll know how much time you’re working with.

See the Problem First

If you chose to teach, you simply select a subject and then swipe through problems until you find one you would like to teach. The status quo of tutoring, whether online or in person, is to hire a tutor and then show them what you need help with.

SocraTeach flips the system. Teachers select problems first – ensuring an efficient and helpful tutoring session for both the teacher and the student. Students know their teachers will have answers, and teachers are not nervous about struggling to answer a student’s question. Whether you have a PhD or no degree, if you know the answer – why not answer it?

Learn Unique Perspectives

In the days of Socrates, the poorest Athenian could walk by the Agora and learn amongst the preeminent scholars of the day. We want to create a new class of scholars who have the opportunity to learn new ways of solving problems from teachers all across the globe.

Who knows – maybe a student in Argentina will be connected with a Sophist in Thailand who shows her a unique way of solving the problem. Maybe she will use the new method on her next exam and impress the teacher. Maybe she will go on to love the subject.

Join SocraTeach

Teaching is fun. Teach with no frills attached. You know the problem ahead of time, you get to help a student in need, and you get paid. Oh, and do it on your walk, in your bed, at the grocery store, during commercials, at the DMV, at halftime, during lunch break, or all the time. It’s only a few minutes.

And you can use your earnings from teaching towards your own tutoring needs down the road.

Getting stuck on a problem is annoying. Upload a picture to SocraTeach and learn a new way to solve it.


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